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I am a humble revolutionary. My goal is to completely overhaul the entire educational process by creating a new paradigm that integrates modern technology into a learning experience that is fun, interactive, and relevant. I dream of a curriculum that gives a high priority to courses and activities (at all grade levels) designed to improve socialization skills and nurture emotional maturity. If our creative resources can be channeled into making this dream a reality, then we can change the quality of life for everyone.

Every child’s most important teachers are his parents. It is from parents that children learn the things that determine if they will be happy in life … Who they are and how the world works. “Parenting” is the most important job that we will ever have and yet we get virtually no real training on how to do it. Educational revolution must include a major initiative to help parents understand the stages of child development and the crucial role they play in nurturing their children’s personality development.

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