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The solution to our education crisis lies in a better understanding of the human nature dynamics that have shaped our past.  We are what we are.  Much human behavior is still determined by a self-centered perspective, greed, and selfishness.  America’s high standard of living has created a younger generation with a strong sense of entitlement and confused their understanding of the link between hard work and prosperity.  Most have little sense of social consciousness and make their decisions guided only by the amoral perspective that they must always do “what is best for them.” The Wall Street mentality of “instant gratification” is only one manifestation of our cultural morass.

But the realities of human nature do not mean that we are forever doomed to extrapolating these characteristics into the future.  Human nature explains how we got here but it also contains the seeds to our enlightenment.  Changing our evolutionary paradigm requires only that we acknowledge the reality of these dynamics and harness them to educate our children into a new cultural perspective.  This esoteric goal is made practical, concrete, and specific by “the solution to education crisis” (a detailed blueprint for a complete overhaul of our educational process) which is summarized in earlier posts to this blog.

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